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Teaching Verbal Behavior in the Natural Environment: Teaching Vocal Manding


NOTE: If you are ordering the 2 Disk Set, this disk is included and should not be ordered separately.

This DVD is like having a personalized hands-on workshop, providing definitions and concrete examples of the ins and outs of the natural environment portion of a verbal behavior program. Teaching Vocal Manding explains how to teach your child to request items beginning with many prompts and then how to fade your prompts systematically so that your child can learn to ask for things independently and spontaneously. Creators and behavior analysts Holly Kibbe and Cherish Twigg explicitly define each type of mand and clearly demonstrate how to teach them. In addition, video examples of actual children learning each type of mand are shown. You will learn what is and what is not natural environment teaching as well as how to teach the mands in the natural environment. It also provides important guidelines to teaching the mand, prompt fading strategies, strategies for problem solving and how to make manding easy and fun for your child. This DVD is over one hour in duration.
I just wanted to write to you and tell you how wonderful your training DVD's are.  I am in the process of setting up an in home ABA/VB program for my son, and I have used your DVD's as a training tool for the team of people I hired. They, as well as myself, absolutely love them. They are full of information that has helped train our 'team'.  Hope to see more training modules in the future. Great work you do!
J. Evans, Ohio

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